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Launching April 2024

  • April 8th - Christ in the Synoptic Gospels (8 weeks)

  • July 8th - Acts: The Holy Spirit At Work (8 weeks)

  • September 16th - Prison Epistles (8 weeks)

See the calendar & schedule below.

Our Story

In November of 2018, Uncommon Experience moved locations and changed from a weekly encounter service to meeting once a month. With over twelve individuals on the team who had set aside every Monday night to give to the ministry, Dean Johnson and Leanna Sheley invited them to continue meeting weekly. They launched Uncommon Theological Studies, a Bible school. This allowed us to invest in the lives of those who had a call into ministry and leadership within the ministry and the local church.

The material we use is through Global University and is the exact course material the Assemblies of God uses for individuals looking to become credentialed ministers. Recently, two individuals completed all required courses to obtain their ministerial credentials, and one is completing the courses for the entry-level credential.

What's New

Starting in April, we are now opening these classes to anyone who would like to grow in their faith, Bible, and in leadership. Individuals may sign up for an 8-week course. Please note that we will take the First Monday of each month off from the coursework and invite others to join us for our monthly FIRST MONDAYS.


  • Student application fee of $30 (one-time)

  • $100 per course fee (which includes textbook, online portal access, and final exam)

  • Be on time (6 pm start)

  • No more than 2 absences per course

2024 Calendar

This year, we will take you on a journey through 9 books of the New Testament. We are starting with Christ in the Synoptic Gospels and then taking you into the book of Acts, where the New Testament church received the Holy Spirit, who gave them the power needed to spread the Gospel. We will end the year with a study of Paul's writings from prison, the books that most of us tend to relate to in our everyday lives. 

APRIL 8 - Sessions 1 & 2

APRIL 15 - Sessions 3 & 4

APRIL 22 - District Council, Trinity Life Center

APRIL 29 - Sessions 5 & 6


MAY 13 - Sessions 7 & 8

MAY 20 - Sessions 9 & 10

MAY 27 - Memorial Day


JUNE 10 - Sessions 11 & 12

JUNE 17 - Session 13


An introductory study of our Lord’s life and times according to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. It examines the historical setting, His life between the Annunciation and the Ascension, and His message and method, including His parables and miracles. Organized around three themes—(1) the world, (2) the Man, and (3) the message—this introduction helps to fuse our understanding of His life and work with our commitment to live by the values He taught and demonstrated.

Registration is open through March 15th.

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